Oracle 12c Release 2: A Complete JSON Database

Today’s blog focuses on Oracle 12c Release 2. With this release of the database additional new interesting functionality was introduced: sharding and analytics support for JSON. Very interesting in context of JSON processing – future blogs will continue the JSON SQL discussion.

Oracle as a JSON Database

With Oracle 12c Release 2’s functional additions Oracle 12c is providing all major functional areas of functionality in context of JSON processing. Non-functional areas (backup, restore, replication, HA/DR support,  etc.) are supported as well, and there is no need to discuss those here.

The major areas of functionality in this context are

  • JSON OLTP Processing. Oracle 12c supports general OLTP (online transaction processing) functionality. JSON documents are stored in tables and accessed through SQL (full DML support).
  • JSON Analytics. Oracle 12c supports JSON analytics processing in the Oracle In-Memory option providing columnar representation and columnar processing.
  • JSON Sharding. Oracle 12c supports managed sharding of data in tables of independently running databases (shards); up to 1000 shards currently.

Details of JSON OLTP, Analytics and Sharding

The following presentation contains a first level of details for the three areas above. I gave it during an Oracle Code event ( in New York ( earlier this month. References to more detailed Oracle 12c documentation are provided in the presentation itself.

The presentation can be downloaded from here: Oracle Code NYC Presentation.


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